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Benefits for merchants

If you are an online merchant, you know tackling credit card fraud is a daily challenge.
Credit card processors often returned limited information pertaining to the transactions that are submitted to them, other than approved/declined messages.

In situations where nor the card or the cardholder is physically present, the merchant has to rely on whatever limited information is presented to him/her.
Thanks to our lookup tool you are now able to gather additional details about the credit card, that your processor will not provide:

  • card brand
  • type of card: debit, credit, prepaid etc
  • name of issuing bank
  • country of issuing bank
  • contact number of issuing bank
  • ...

Empowered with that information you are in a better position to spot suspicious payments and reduce fraud.

Increase security, decrease fraud

For example, if the country of residence of your customer does not match the country of the issuing bank, this can be a possible red flag.

You may also want to screen certain payment cards like prepaid/gift cards.

Or if you have had bad experiences with a specific country, those orders can be flagged for review.

By performing enhanced fraud screening you can limit the likelihood of chargebacks and improve your compliance standing.

Benefits for consumers

Who really issued your credit card ?
Find out more using our tool.

Find out more about the features and possible limitations of your credit card.

Cobranded or vanity credit card ? Get the facts.